I’m a one-man factory dedicated to creating garments from scratch in a small workshop in Barcelona. 

CABRA started from my personal search for functional and stylish workwear that also looked good until the end of the day and lasted wear upon wear. I launched the label in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2019 and carried it with me when I moved to Barcelona with my family in 2021.

I like managing every aspect of the finished piece, building my garments up from nothing, step by step. I spend my time obsessing over materials and perfecting each design. I use old sewing machines not only for their robustness, simplicity and vintage mechanics, but because they offer something different to the current clothing industry – a chance to slow down, take care, and get personally involved in each process. I love their noise, the smell of the oil, the atmosphere of the past they carry. Every single machine at my workshop is there to accomplish a specific purpose.

My work is about the small scale, about respect for the creative process, and about dedicating the time it requires to make the best piece of clothing I can possibly deliver. I test each product personally, and make business decisions based on what is sustainable for me, my customers and my local community.


Daniel Mangualde