Cabra is a small-scale clothing manufacturer, originally based in São Paulo and now located in Barcelona. We craft artisan-made garments, each made one at a time, designed to last wear after wear gaining personality over time. Our inspiration draws from the superior craftsmanship of traditional workwear, tailored to suit contemporary lifestyles.

We are Daniel and Camila, the duo behind Cabra. Our ongoing mission is to continuously refine our product, blending expertise and passion to create a purpose-driven, profitable business. 

Daniel, with his skilled hands, meticulously crafts each garment from scratch in our workshop, where antique industrial sewing machines help us achieve the authentic look, feel, and finishes of old-school denim production. This commitment to craftsmanship, coupled with a deep appreciation for analog and handmade processes, defines the essence of our work.

Our purpose extends beyond simply creating garments; we aim to build a community and nurture meaningful connections. So, whether you want to discuss personal or professional projects or just drop a friendly "hello," please feel free to get in touch with us.

Daniel Mangualde & Camila Romano