Custom projects & Retail

I’m a cloth maker working in a small workshop in Barcelona with old sewing machines. 

I'm most interested in the process of making a garment from scratch, making sure I control every aspect of the finished piece, such as the materials and the finishes I’m obsessed with.

I’m very into workwear and I think dressing according to your work activity plays an important role in making people function and feel better, it also adds an extra value to your brand.

Apart from uniforms and workwear, I also develop collaborative pieces with other brands who want to create handmade, local and high quality clothing. So if you like the idea of co-creating a custom made garment to work in any occupation, for one person, a team or a brand, do not hesitate in contacting me to talk about projects. 

I make garments built to last, ensuring that you'll get plenty of use out of it.

Nice to meet you,

Daniel Mangualde